Sub 70 offers a variety of irons models including casted, hollow bodied and forged head options. Each product provides a unique set of benefits for golfers of different skill levels. We truly believe we have a great option for every golfer whether they are looking for a super game improvement model or a workable blade style iron. Each club is built when ordered and can be fully customized in regards to grip, shaft, length, loft and lie. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on our iron models. Thank you!

Is there anything better than crushing a driver straight down the middle of the fairway? It’s an incredible feeling and one that we hope our drivers will produce for anyone who puts them in their bag. Our current driver(coming soon), the 849 and 849 Pro, are two-piece and casted which allows for the lowest number of welds in the head. The driver was designed to maximize ball speeds while also maintaining mid-level launch and low spin. Drivers that perform do not need to cost $500+. We will always custom-build your driver with any shaft and grip combination to make sure you get the best possible driver setup.

Hybrid golf clubs are essentially a combination of fairway wood technology with traditional iron lofts. The technology used in hybrid clubs makes it far easier to launch the ball into the air and get the distance the player is looking for. Generally, players with lower swing speeds have used hybrids to replace longer irons (3-6) while higher swing speed players can often replace fairway woods or long irons if they prefer the compact hybrid head. The Sub 70 939X hybrid can truly find a place in any golfer’s bag. It has won numerous awards including the MyGolfSpy “Best Value” award.

Whether you’re going for a par five in two or playing it smart off of a par four tee, fairway woods are incredibly important clubs for most golfers. Sub 70 currently offers two different fairway wood models that provide different launch and spin characteristics. The Pro Fairway will be the low launch, low spin bomber that many lower handicap players prefer while the 939X Fairway offers much more forgiveness, higher launch and more spin to hold greens. There is no doubt that the Sub 70 fairway woods can compete with anything else on the market.

It is often said that nearly two thirds of golf shots are hit within 100 yards of the hole. It goes without saying that you need wedges that offer accuracy and consistency. The Sub 70 wedges are fully forged, offering the softest feel possible, while also offering a milled face for incredible spin control. Whether you’re hitting full shots, pitch shots, bunker shots or little chip shots, make sure your wedge setup fits your game. Always feel free to contact us with any questions on wedge gapping, shaft options, length/lie adjustments, etc.

At the end of the day, it is all about getting the ball in the hole and the putter is the instrument required. Every Sub 70 putter is milled from a billet of 1045 carbon steel which leaves no welds, castings, or inconsistencies in the head. This is the best way to make a putter head and you will not find a more solid, great feeling putter. Aesthetically each of the Sub 70 putters offers a clean, classic black and white color scheme with traditional alignment lines. We have purposefully made the heads slightly heavier than the industry standard as we feel it allows a more natural pendulum-like putting stroke. We offer a variety of putter head designs and will continue expanding these lines in the future.  These putters punch far above their weight class.